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In recent years, podcasting has become a huge thing. Not only is it a great way to get information out there, but it’s also a for sure way to connect with your target audience in a creative way. With Spotify, Pandora, and even Alexa systems giving quick and easy access to podcasts, it’s a great place to position yourself and your brand in 2019.

So with that being said, here is an exclusive interview with Chris Burgess, admin behind “The Bob & Bob Show”. (The question in the bold & Chris’s answer below.)

How did you get started with the podcast?

“Well… The short answer is, I ended up back in Ohio with a buddy who was about 6 months into his new venture. It just so happens so to be a podcast “The Bob & Bob Show” to find out more visit (Bobandbobshow.com)

So, I kind of fell into it on the technical side. It turns out I’m a bit tech savvy and I was able to contribute to this effort!”

What made you want to do a podcast?

“This has absolutely peaked my interest in the podcast world. I have never considered starting my own until now. I truly enjoy listening to a wide range of podcasts ranging from Joe Rogan to the one I was recently a part of. They have a purpose for me that varies from education to entertainment.”

What’s your role on the show

“My role on the show started as just being a guest and contributing ideas or assistance with tech issues. It turned into a part-time job after a few months. Mainly because it was something new and exciting that I had not done before and it was entirely intriguing to me.”

Why should someone do a podcast in your opinion?

“ I can say why not to do a podcast which seems easier. If your looking to make money, a podcast is not very profitable. That being said, if you feel that there is a lack of information available to the public and you have something to offer then a podcast may be for you. Think of supply and demand. I listen to Joe Rogan not because of his products or what he sells. I listen because I have a great appreciation for his opinion and his take on everyday life. Not to mention he has some really interesting guests. His ability to turn each show into a great conversation that is almost always a good listen. Some may call it an interview, but It seems more like an open conversation format to me. Whatever it is with his podcast seems much more appealing to me!”

What equipment is a must-have for doing a podcast?

“Good microphones are a must as well as a good room or space to record in. Most importantly, a good computer that is able to run your recording software such as Adobe Audition or StudioOne. Spend some time getting to know the software and your mic’s as well as the recording space you are using. All of which will not work well unless you have a sound card that is able to act as the medium between the microphones and software. We used a Behringer sound card with 4 inputs on it. Either way, do your research first and then check around before you buy anything. It’s going to be a very expensive setup by the time you are ready to record so make sure you take the time figure out what will work best for you or your podcast. Sound quality can and will make or break your podcast. If the quality sucks then don’t bother wasting your time or anyone else’s.”

What do you advise someone to do if they’re just getting started?

“I’m hardly an amateur with podcasting but I would say try it if interested and always get a second opinion. Practice makes perfect, do some dry runs. Have fun, be yourself. Listen to it, have some friends listen and then go from there. Once you got the tech side figured out, start forming a team of like-minded individuals. Find what your good at and what areas you lack in. Then find the ones that can help in the areas you need help in and be open to their insight. If they are your tech guy, or a writer or a personality for your podcast, make sure that it is a team effort. The writer might have a solution for a tech issue and all opinions are useful. Make sure it’s a collective effort even if it’s your baby. I’m sure Joe Rogan has a great team helping behind the scenes and one doesn’t work without the other.”

Anything else you’d wish to share?

“Just wanted to point out again that I am amateur at best but I find it easy to talk on a microphone. It’s not easy however to get listeners or keep them. So make sure you have something worth continuing before you start investing too much time or money. Take baby steps, get a few people to listen and be open to their honest opinions. It’s not going to be perfect but you never try you will never know! Thanks for asking me to do this Tia, I am truly honored to be a part of your efforts and look forward to working with you more in the future!”

So in that, I hope that everyone learned a little bit about the value of podcasting and how they themselves can get started. For more information on “The Bob and Bob Show” check out their website at www.bobandbobshow.com or to speak to Chris directly email him at: cburgessw4c@gmail.com.

Stay pushing,

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