Nooses and Needles: A Recovery Poem

Tia Lentini
2 min readMar 9, 2019

This poem intertwines stories of addiction with the encouragement of how Jesus Christ can break any chain that tries to grasp itself around someone.


Needles and Nooses: A Recovery Poem

I hear a voice in the shadows it comes.

It says, “Come here, honey. You know you want some.”

Numb the symptom.

Gotta get to the root.

Bad root, bad fruit.

What will you choose?

What are you trying to prove?

Do you want to keep your shame?

Do you want to keep your pain?

No. No. I let that life go.

By the looks of it, I guess it’s not so.

Jesus, can you save me?

Jesus, can you rearrange me?

This needle in my arm it won’t give up.

This itch in my soul, it calls every bluff.

“Come on. Jump in the whip. I got the stuff.”

Detoxing on this basement mattress.

Feeling like I’d be better off in that casket.

Just another basic ratchet.

I sold myself again.

I thought I was passed it.

I just needed somewhere to sleep.

He was cute, he was nice, his knife went too deep.

Feeling broken and cheap.

Bad thoughts they creep.

Remember what you did an hour ago?

Walking around, bare feet on skid row.

Into the bathroom where you let it all go.

All I can do is hang my head and cry.

Shouting why God why!

But wait, there’s something shining in those ashes.

A gentle whisper telling me I can get past it.

Something that tells me that I can let go of my sin.

The old me’s dead. Through the blood, I’ve risen.

Seeking a new vision.

He thinks I’m beautiful.

He loves me.

He proved it that day, nailed to the tree.

He says, “Let me fix your heart.

I just need all the pieces.

Stop trying to hide behind your mask.

No one’s perfect. Keep the past in the past.

It won’t be instant. But healing will come.

You just gotta face what you were running from.

Take my hand and take it quick.

No more making moves and turning tricks.

I give you My Spirit. I give you My Love.

I give you everything and then some.”

So now I praise God for what He did.

Fixed my broken heart and sealed that lid.

Soaring on eagles wings.

The peace that only a touch from God can bring.

Given a new life and a new desire.

He lights a fire.

No more a slave to the thief and the liar.

No longer lost in what people think.

No more mascara running down the sink.

I was lost but now I’m found.

A child of the King, never looking down.

If you or someone you love is struggling with addiction, please reach out. There is hope. And all will be okay.



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