3 Basic Keys To Utilizing Social Media For Your Small Business In 2019 (Facebook Edition)

Tia Lentini
6 min readMar 22, 2019


Social Media has been King Kong for all marketing strategies and this year is no different. So with that being said, how should small business owners start utilizing Facebook in 2019?

Well, the three basic keys to doing this are:

  1. Make your page an online storefront for your business.
  2. Engage, engage, and if I can say it again engage!
  3. Don’t give up when things seem slow — they’re really not

Get Polished

Okay, so the first basic key in this strategy is to make sure that you are putting your best foot forward online and having a completed and nice looking page to bring your audience to. You want it to reflect your actual business so stick to what you know and plaster it on the internet. Keep the same mission, the same personality, the same everything from your real life business and transfer it on the web.

This can mean a lot of copy and pasting from your actual website and then fine-tuning the details to show your creative side while utilizing some of the social media channels tools.

(Bull Street Film Company has placed their demo reel in the cover photo section, exposing visitors early on to their work)

For example, Facebook has a video cover feature now that allows businesses to upload video in their cover photo. If your business doesn’t have a wide selection of video yet, you can use a beautifully made cover photo in the meantime until you get the video you want.

That’s just one example of fine-tuning your Facebook page but it can make a world of difference depending on what type of video or graphic you put up there.

Another way of “shinning up” your page is by making sure you are tagging businesses you are collaborating with within your B2B strategies. I can’t tell you how many missed opportunities I’ve seen on businesses pages where they didn’t tag collaboration efforts properly.

Here is a great example from Pedal Stomper Productions on how to tag a collaboration post the right way. Not only does this make the post look better, but it also pairs you up with that business in the Facebook algorithm helping you gain more likes, shares, and engagements in the long run. So please, make sure you learn how to tag businesses properly before making and wasting the post and the collaboration effort.

You can also create a like campaign where you shout out the other business and ask your friends to like them. You can do this either with a LIVE Stream, basic post, or even a short video. Whatever creative outlet you take, this can help produce several organic likes which will help both of your accounts grow in the long run.

Talking Is Good. Very Good.

Next, engage, engage, and engage some more! You now have an online page where people are coming to get a good look at your business. So what does this mean for you?

This means that you need to make sure that you are responding to these people when they comment, share, or even review your business. There are plenty of business pages out there who are getting great feedback from customers but aren’t responding. Not only does this make them look bad, but it hurts them in the algorithms of Facebook.

Proper Response to a FB Recommendation

Imagine you’re a hairstylist and someone tells you how much they loved the haircut you just gave them and how they are going to recommend you to everyone they know. In response would you:

A) Thank them for their feedback and tell them how much you appreciate them for being such a valued customer and referring you to their family and friends or

B) Not say a word..

Now no business owner in their right mind would choose plan B so I hope you get the point I’m trying to make. You must interact and engage with the people on your page like they were customers, prospects, or just plain people in real life. Remember that these are REAL people operating behind social profiles on the internet so treat them like it.

Also, engagement can help you diffuse a situation if a customer left your business less than satisfied. Social Media is a great way for PR efforts.

For example, check out how the City of Akron used Facebook to diffuse a situation about the way they were keeping up with the plowing of the roads this past winter after a video went viral of a city worker “de-icing” the road with a cup of salt.

Post One.

Post Two.

Pretty awesome huh?

Can you imagine if they didn’t respond and just let this video go all over the internet with no feedback at all?

No way.. so if you ever do find yourself in a PR emergency, remember social media is your friend, not your enemy.

I found this article Sage Lewis posted on how a small business SHOULD HAVE used social media deal with a PR crisis to be extremely helpful and suggest you take a look whenever you have a chance: >> Posche Paws PR Crisis

The Climb Can Be Long, But Don’t Give Up

So last but not least, don’t be upset if things seem like they’re going slow. Social Media isn’t this dandelion picking game in the meadow, but a fierce and sometimes terrifying mountain to climb. Like with any other challenge, persistence and dedication will help you get through uphill battle eventually leading you to the mountain top.

Prayer helps too but if you’re not into that, just stay positive and don’t give up.

Another thing that people aren’t really paying attention to is the fact that utilizing social media platforms like Facebook helps you rank higher on search engines. Check out this search we did for a local business called: Stricklands.

Right alongside their website, their Facebook page ranked. Now customers can go directly to their Facebook page to send a message rather than having to write an email or make a phone call (great for millennials).

So not only are they having an online storefront that they can utilize for sales, leads, and customer service efforts, but they now have some help at getting their business at the top of the search engines with an extra avenue for leads to get their contact information, read reviews, and get updates from their business.

So in 2019 you can utilize your Facebook or Social Media page by:

  1. Having an awesome and completed Facebook page or other social media account
  2. Engaging with customers, prospects, and people online — whether you feel like it or not
  3. Not giving up even when it doesn’t look like you’re getting any results — because you actually are

Diligence, patience, and persistence. These are all character qualities that will help you in your Social Media Marketing strategy for 2019.

Don’t give up and don’t be afraid to ask for help…

Until Next Time, Stay Pushing




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